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Friday, May 10, 2019

Powercrete In Stock

Powercrete Stock Overview - Joint Specialists

     As previously announced here, Joint Specialists has entered into a partnership agreement with Seal for Life to take on Powercrete kit production.  One big question when such a significant change is made is:  how much stock is going to be available for immediate shipment? 

    So here is a list of current Powercrete kit stock currently sitting on shelves in the JSI warehouse in Conroe, Texas.

Powercrete J 2# Kits - more than 8000 in stock
Powercrete J 4# Kits - more than 3000 in stock
Powercrete J 10# Kits - only a couple dozen in stock, but we have raw materials to make thousands

Powercrete R65 1# Kits - 1000 in process
Powercrete R65 2# Kits - 2000 in process
Powercrete R65 4# Kits - 1000 in process
Powercete R65 10# Kits - none in stock but have raw material to make thousands

Powercrete R95 2# Kits - 1000 in stock, hundreds in process
Powercrete R95 4# Kits - 750 in stock, hundreds in process

     Beyond this, packaging has been revamped on the product.  We are selling these products (2# and 4#) only in quantities of 8 kits.  This allows us to insure proper packaging, best practices for hazmat shipping, etc. 

     As it stands now, a full pallet of 2# or 4# Powercrete J or Powercrete R65/F1 or Powercrete R95 consists of 192 kits.  I know that is an unusual number; but it fits very well and safely on a pallet. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Powercrete J Installation Instructions

Powercrete J Application Guidelines

Below is a guideline for applying Powercrete J to a pipeline using kits / hand applied method.  

Powercrete J is a 100% solids epoxy used for corrosion prevention and abrasion protection.  This coating is applied over clean, bare steel and adjacent plant applied or mainline coatings.  The Powercrete J application is fast and easy.  

  1. Powercrete J is supplied in pre measured kits.  Part A is the larger container.  Part B (the curing agent) is the smaller container.  Always use one A and one B.  Never create your own kit sizes.
  2. Tools you may need:  mask, wet film gauge, gloves, trowels, a PE stir stick and abrasive paper.
  3. Insure that surfaces are clean of grease, oil, salts and other contaminants.  If necessary use Acetone or MEK.  Perform cleaning when the pipe is at least 5 degrees F above the dew point.
  4. Blast clean the steel surface to SA 2 1/2 or better using particle blasting (sand or other).  Sweep blast adjacent FBE or CTE coating 2" on either side of the the cutback.  
  5. Before mixing the Powercrete J, be certain you have a 2.5 to 5 mil surface profile with sharp angularity.  Burnishing or polishing the steel surface must be avoided. 
  6. Sometimes, it may be necessary to preheat the steel just prior to application.  Preheating eliminates moisture in the pipe (if you preheat to at least 104F).  Preheat will also accelerate cure time.  You can preheat the steel up to 194F.
  7. Warm parts A & B of the Powercrete J to at least 68F.  Mix by pouring ALL of part B into part A (do not ever pour extra; or the wrong size B into it).  Thoroughly scrape container and lid of B.  Slowly begin mixing to avoid introducing air into the mixture.
  8. When using a drill mixer, use a mixing speed that blends uniformly and does NOT create a vortex in the mixture.  Mix between 2-3 minutes with a drill mixing paddle; or 4-5 minutes with a stir stick (if temps are between 68 and 105F.
  9. Reconfirm that the application temperature is above 50F and at least 5F above the dew point.  The slowly pour the mixed Powercrete J onto the pipe.  
  10. Using trowels, brushes or a roller to apply the Powercrete J to the end user specified required thickness.  Cover at least 2" of the adjacent mainline coating.  
  11. Use a wet film gauge to measure the desired minimum thickness.  Double check around the welds and on top of the pipeline to insure proper thickness has been achieved.  
  12. Cure rate for Powercrete J will vary depending on ambient temperatures and other factors.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Powercrete J for Field Joints, Bends and Rehab

Powercrete J (Joint Coating)

     For more than 20 years, Powercrete J has been a premier field joint coating in the oil, gas and water pipeline markets.  Available in 2 pound, 4 pound and 10 pound kits; Powercrete J is a solvent free epoxy polymer coating with a concrete component; giving it extraordinary technical properties.  Rated for use on pipelines operating at up to 140F (60C), Powercrete J can be used for new construction, girth welds, bends, repairs and rehabilitation projects.  Powercrete J is the ultimate girth weld coating for FBE coated pipelines.  

     Just a few of the many positive features of Powercrete J as a stand alone pipeline coating for the purpose of corrosion prevention:
  • 100% Solids Epoxy
  • no VOC
  • Exceeds AWWA C210 requirements
  • Great adhesion on bare steel and FBE
  • Top tier mechanical properties
  • Exceptional adhesion and soil stress resistance on bare steel
    A few more important factors for Powercrete J as a field joint coating: 
  • Color:  Brown
  • Potlife:  20 minutes at 77 F 
  • Steel surface prep:  SA 2 1/2 with 3-4 mil profile
  • FBE surface prep:  SA 1 with 2 mils profile
  • Mix Ratio:  4.8:1 by volume