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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DIRAX Road Bore Sleeves

DIRAX Bore Sleeves 

     When selecting a coating for a section of pipeline that will be involved in a road bore or directional drill, it is important that the right coating is selected.  When looking at factory applied coatings, you are most likely going to be looking at dual layer FBE coatings or Powercrete coatings.  Those are both special coatings designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of a road bore.  Someone is spending millions of dollars on this pipeline, we need to make sure that the steel you're buying is well protected!  Those same requirements exist for the field joint coatings as well.  Many companies allow either a two part stand alone epoxy to be used...or a DIRAX heat shrinkable coating system. 

road bore sleeve
Small sample of DIRAX material - note the fiber mesh woven into the backing.
     DIRAX is a multi layer field joint coating system that incorporates all of the best aspects of two part epoxy coatings and combines them with the best parts of a top of the line, unmatched heat shrinkable sleeve technology.  DIRAX incorporates S1301M Epoxy Primer, a high performance hot melt adhesive a fiber mesh and two radiation crosslinked polyolefin backing layers.  On the front end of a field joint, we are talking about a 9 layer coating that is fast and simple to install.  That just doesn't exist anywhere else.

     Boasting extraordinary peel resistance, sheer resistance, penetration resistance and abrasion resistance, DIRAX has it all.  Include the incredibly fast cure time (normally 30 minutes or less after installation) and the fact that coating integrity does not require any special skills from installers - and using DIRAX really is a simple decision.  Contact us today for pricing and technical expertise!  936 321 3333

Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Successful Bundled Road Bore Completed

Pipe Bore Bumpers (Doughnuts) - Another Success!

     Another bundled road bore where the pipelines have been successfully prevented from pipe against pipe damage during the boring process by our bumpers!  This line was in the Houston area and the bundle pulled was a 16 inch line, a 12 inch line and a 6 inch line.  With bumpers appropriately spaced and the bumper system properly installed (we always like to have an expert on site wherever possible to make sure everything is installed properly), another successful bore was completed. 
12 inch pipe spacer
Fully installed BBS Bumper Bundle System on 12" Pipe
     This proven system is sold as a single line item part which includes:
- 2" wide by 1" tall specially formulated bumper material
- 17" wide sleeve proven to hold that bumper in place throughout the bore process
- 3" wide leader strip / wear cone for extra protection on the front end of the sleeve
- suitable mount of the two part S1301M bonding agent

     Each bumper is generally installed in 5 minutes or less.  It does not require any special training or tools (propane torch and silicone roller are about it).  This proven, field friendly solution has been used by major pipeline contractors and end users around the country.  Contact us for a quote or simply for a copy of the brochure affiliated with this BBS (or BBS/CCS) product line. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TWDB - Joint Specialists

TWDB Themofit Wraparound Duct Bands

     Thermofit Wraparound Duct Bands are heat shrinkable tapes, made of cross linked polyolefin, precoated with a hotmelt adhesive.  The band is cut to length on on the jobsite, wrapped around the duct joint and fixed at the overlap with a pressure sensitive adhesive patch.  TWDB is black in color in terms of the backing and also black in color with regard to the adhesive.  This is a product that shrinks at 125C which can be achieved with an open flame or with an industrial hot air gun.

     The typical application for this product is as a pressure sealing joint on round or flat oval ducts in air conditioning or heating systems.  TWDB can be used at up to 70C and pressures up to 50 kPa at 25C.  It is highly recommended for spiral ducting in high velocity air conditioning. 

     TWDB is available in standard widths of 3" and 4".  All rolls are 165 feet long and shipped within boxes can aid with measuring as each TWDB strip is cut.  The backing wall thickness is a nominal .5mm.  The adhesive coating thickness is a nominal .7mm.  This product is manufactured to shrink 15% which is significantly less than most of our heat shrinkable pipeline coatings which can range anywhere from 25% to 66%.

     Each TWDB roll is packed in a unique box, containing TWDB and a roll of positioning patches.  Installation instructions and recommended cut lengths are printed on the box.  Generally, the 3" wide TWDB will include 35 of the pressure sensitive closing patches.  The 4" wide will generally include 20 of the closing tape patches. 

     For the most part, the 3" TWDB is recommended for duct sizes of 400-800mm.  The 4" TWDB is recommended for duct sizes larger than that.  There really is no limit though.  The 4" TWDB could be used on any size duct offering even more overlap onto the adjacent ductwork.

     Feel free to contact us today for price and delivery information on your TWDB needs.  We can be reached Monday thru Friday at 936/321-3333 -- or around the clock (within reason) at