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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Video of Two Inch Bumper System for Bundled Road Bore

     Recently posted a quick written description of our two inch bumper system for bundled road bore application.  This system utilizes a two inch tall by two inch wide, high durometer rated bumper material.  It also utilizes a one inch tall by two inch wide bumper taper on the front end to reduce mud drag and shear forces.

     The system is installed over a two part epoxy which acts as a bonding agent and brings superior shear resistance into the equation.  Used often in the one inch tall bumper configuration, we are pleased to announce our ability to now offer two inch bumpers for pipe sizes 3.5" and larger.

     So without further ado:  here is a link to the short video:

     We now have 1" tall bumpers and 2" tall bumper systems available.  Let us know how we can get you all of the information you need in order to make the best decision possible for your upcoming bundled road bore.  

(you can also view this video at: )

Monday, May 18, 2015

Two Inch Bumpers for Bundled Road Bore

2 Inch Bumper System for Bundled Directional Drill

    If you've browsed this blog before, you've undoubtedly seen that we have numerous successful cases of our 1" Bumper System being used.  From time to time, what we've heard from end users and engineers is that they love our 1" system, but they would love a 2" system even more.  It took a little development time and it took a few different systems that were ultimately ruled out during our evaluation process, but we are now comfortable that we have come up with a 2" bumper system that will offer the same great performance as our proven 1" system has. 

bundled pipe bumper
3.5" Pipe and a 4" wide bumper that is 2" tall at its highest.

pipe donut
In this case, pipe would enter the bore offscreen to the right.

pipe bundle spacer
This bumper has an OD of 5.5" and is locked in place on the 3.5" pipeline.
     This material has been used previously and successfully held a 1" bumper in place.  For this system, we have created a star stepped bumper which will ensure shear and stress forced for this 2" bumper will be very similar to those experienced and survived on the 1" bumpers in the past.  To be on the safe side, we have increased the bond area of the sleeve to offer more square inches of bond, which will improve shear resistance even beyond what was needed for the 1" bumpers. 

     This is a great system.  With questions, or to schedule a demonstration, contact us today ( / 936/321-3333)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pipeline Bumpers

Pipeline Spacer Bumpers

     As you've likely seen elsewhere within this website, our BBS Bumper System (used on bundled road bore projects) has seen great success.  As always seems to be the case, with success comes customization.  Since we pride ourselves on our ingenuity and our ability to engineer solutions to customer needs, we always welcome customizing our products to specific projects.  In this particular case, we've been asked to modify our current BBS system to incorporate a 2" tall bumper rather than the traditionally used 1" tall bumper.  The answer (due to the specific pipe sizes associated with this pipe bundle) is YES.

     We utilize two different systems for our bumper system.  These two systems are:

- BBS - a very thick, tough and rugged bumper containment system with a standard shrink ratio (~25%).  This is our most commonly sold bumper system installed on pipelines 8" OD and larger. 

- BBS/CCS - a slightly less thick, tough and rugged bumper containment system with a high expansion backing (~66%).  This is our most commonly sold bumper system on pipe sizes: 6", 4", 3" and 2". 

    Both of these systems have been utilized and to this point, all has been installed with a 1" tall bumper (by 2" wide).  Those time may be changing, however.

bundled pipe bumper
Our specially formulated bumper in a 1" thickness.

     For those customers who are interest in using a 2" tall bumper instead of a 1" tall bumper, we have good news.  It can be done.

     With our BBS system, the limiting factor is the shrink ratio built into the sleeves.  Since the BBS material shrinks only ~25%, the BBS system can be used with a two inch bumper only for pipe diameters 14" and up.  For smaller diameter lines, the BBS/CCS is fully capable of utilizing the two inch tall bumpers in the system.  So, what do you prefer?  1" or 2"?  Now you've got a choice. 

doughnuts for pipeline
2" thick bumper system utilizing specially formulated and custom cut bumpers.