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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Powercrete R95 Cure Chart

Powercrete R95 Cure Times

     It is quite a common question: how quickly does the R95 high build epoxy cure?  There are many factors that will determine exact cure times; including ambient temperatures; temperature of the pipe; etc.  Speaking in generic terms, see the below cure information for Powercrete R95 which lists temperature (can be ambient temperature or temperature of the substrate), gel time, re-application time frame, dry time and time to achieve shore D hardness of 75. 

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 150F
Gel Time: 7 minutes
Re-Application Time:  5-10 minutes
Dry Time:  12 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  16 minutes 

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 140F
Gel Time: 10 minutes
Re-Application Time:  8-10 minutes
Dry Time:  13 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  21 minutes 

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 130F
Gel Time: 11 minutes
Re-Application Time:  9-14 minutes
Dry Time:  18 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  32 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 120F
Gel Time:  14 minutes
Re-Application Time:  12-20 minutes
Dry Time:  29 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  37 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 110F
Gel Time: 19 minutes
Re-Application Time:  16-22 minutes
Dry Time:  31 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  75 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 100F
Gel Time: 23 minutes
Re-Application Time:  20-32 minutes
Dry Time:  40 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness: 90 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 90F
Gel Time: 26 minutes
Re-Application Time:  22-40 minutes
Dry Time:  60 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  135 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 80F
Gel Time:  37 minutes
Re-Application Time:  32-50 minutes
Dry Time:  95 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  330 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 70F
Gel Time: 57 minutes
Re-Application Time:  52-75 minutes
Dry Time:  140 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  540 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 65F
Gel Time:  60 minutes
Re-Application Time:  55-90 minutes
Dry Time:  150 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  600 minutes

Powercrete R95 Cure Rate @ 60F
Gel Time: 80 minutes
Re-Application Time:  75-120 minutes
Dry Time:  180 minutes
75 Shore D Hardness:  5-6 days

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Powercrete Repairs

Repairing Powercrete Coatings

     Repairing Powercrete products is a fairly simple proposition; not altogether different than the process of installing it in the first place.  In this case, I'm talking about repairing Powercrete J, Powercrete R65/F1 and Powercrete R95 products; though some of this would also apply to a Powercrete DD repair.

     In addition, there are cases where a Powercrete J (or R65 / F1 / R95) might be installed, but it it latter discovered that the required coating thickness was not reached (in one or more places) and an additional layer is needed in order to meet the spec.

     So in all of those cases, we must start over.  We must create an anchor pattern on top of the previously installed Powercrete product (J / R65 / F1 / R95).  That anchor pattern can be achieved using a brush blast - or it can be achieved using 60 or 80 grit sandpaper.  Then the pipe can be lightly preheated and more epoxy applied.

     We would want that anchor pattern to on every bit of surface area where the Powercrete will be applied.

     In terms of what Powercrete product could be used there are a few options:

- Powercrete R65/F1 is available in 50ml cartridges specifically designed for minor repairs.  A case of R65/F1 50ml cartridges contains 25 cartridges, 50 static mixing tips and 1 dispenser gun. 

- Powercrete R95 50ml cartridges are also available.  These are sold in cases of 12 cartridges, 24 static mixing tips and 1 dispenser gun

- Powercrete R65/F1 1# Kits are the perfect size for making repairs.  Just like a 2# or 4# kit; but smaller. 

- Beyond all of that; we see folks use Powercrete J in 2# kits (or Powercrete R65/F1 and R95) in 2# kits used as repairs.  It all depends on what the spec you are working from requires. 

All of the above items are in stock and ready to ship anytime. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Powercrete R65/F1 400ml Cartridges

Powercrete R65/F1 400ml Cartridges and Heating

Powercrete F1 Spray
A Powercrete R65/F1 400ml Cartridge

     Spraying Powercrete R65/F1 is really a beautiful product.  The R65 goes on quickly, it goes on very uniformly, it cures quickly and it is an all around great, great pipeline corrosion prevention coating.  One of the challenges can come here:  the material sprays on the best when it is sprayed when the material temperature is 50-60C (122F to 140F).  This temperature can be achieved many ways:  hot box, water immersion or oven being the most consistent.  

     The manufacturers of the cartridges and pistons (and other associated components) indicate that their cartridges should not be heated to temperatures higher than 150F.  At 150, some of the components which can be nylon will soften slightly.  This can cause a piston to blow out if a higher than recommended temperature is matched up with a certain air pressure.  

     So, it is critical that all possible steps be taken to keep that material heat temperature within the manufacturers suggested range of 122 to 140F.