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Friday, May 3, 2013

Wire Brush Pipe Coating

Seven Fantastic Features of the WPCT product
(This is part 6 of 7 in our Product Spotlight on Covalence WPCT; 
Wrap Around Pipe Coating with Thermal Indicator)

     One challenge that seems to always face contractors in the field is properly preparing the surface of the field joint for the field joint coating.   Right up front, I feel the need to be very clear:  when it comes to surface preparation; the cleaner the substrate; the better the bond will be.   That being said, the technical data as reported by Covalence on their data sheets and within their manufacturer's specification is attainable through an installation on a wire brushed pipe surface.  

A photo from the JSI archives.  Apparently this was pre-OSHA!
     There are many occasions where wire brushing the pipe offers tremendous advantages over the cost, labor and environmental implications of grit or sand blasting.  In many of those cases, WPCT should certainly be considered as a great coating option.

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