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Friday, May 10, 2013

WPC100M - High Temp Heat Shrink Sleeve

     In the world of pipeline coatings there are many factors to consider when making a field joint coating selection.  These could consist of reliability, proven performance, ease of installation, ability to install consistently, cost of application, preheat requirements, pipeline surface preparation, etc.

Covalence Elevated Temperature Shrink Sleeve
WPC100M for Elevated Temperature Lines.
      WPC100M is a mastic coated sleeve (the sealant is a butyl based mastic) with a long, long use history.  This product can be installed over a wire brushed surface.  This product can be used onshore or offshore.  This product is rated for use on pipelines operating at up to 80C (100C when offshore or on an insulated line).  It is available in 11", 17", 24" and 34" widths and happens to be a product that Joint Specialists always keeps a stock of (generally keep more than 5000 linear feet of material which would be sufficient to kick-off most jobs).

Data Sheets can be found here.


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