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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Closures: Must I use them when Installing Shrink Sleeves?

     I'm often asked, "Do I have to use these closures?  Can I install this shrink sleeve without it?"  You see, not every manufacturer out there sells /UNI sleeves (where the closure is pre-attached to the sleeve as explained here).  Often times, someone gets a big box of shrink sleeves and the closure strips come in a separate box.  Other times, the closure strips are all buried at the bottom of the box which can make it difficult to get to them.  Sometimes, all of the closures get dropped in a mud puddle and are essentially ruined!
Please only expose your shrink sleeves to an environment like this AFTER installation!
      Since every single sleeve we at Joint Specialists sell goes out as a /UNI sleeve, we don't get this question too often, but it is always shocking how often we get phone calls asking for technical support about our competitors products!

     In any case, the answer is YES.  Every wrap around shrink sleeve MUST have a closure strip to be properly installed.  Without the closure strip, the sleeve will simply fall to the ground during installation making a rather large mess.  The closure strip holds the sleeve in the shape of a tube (pressed to the pipe) during installation.  After the sleeve has cooled, the closure strip has essentially served its purpose (but we always recommend you go ahead and leave it in place anyway!). 

     There are tubular products that do not require a closure.  A few examples of those would be TPS, WCSM, MWTM and CPSM (there are others).  Don't get yourself into a position where you're having to call me with this question.  Make sure you're buying /UNI sleeves and it will never come up!

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