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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIRAX Shrink Sleeves Use History

     I'm often asked about the reliability of our DIRAX product.  If you need a quick refresher on the DIRAX shrink sleeve; check out one of these entries:  here, here, or here.

     DIRAX has been used on pipe that will be involved in a road bore or directional drill for many years.  I've seen it used (and tested) on pipe ranging from 2" OD to 48" OD.  In addition, it has been used often as a field joint coating for non-road bore pipe when someone has a particularly harsh soil environment; or when an end user just doesn't want to take any chances and wants the best possible coating.  In cases like that, it is actually called ROCS (rather than DIRAX) and that can cause some confusion.

     In any case, looking at ~our last 6 years; I was curious how many DIRAX sleeves we've sold.  The answer actually surprised me.  In that period, we sold more than 75,000 DIRAX sleeves.  That is approximately 575 miles worth of pipe.  To put that into perspective; that would be:

Road Bore Field Joint Coating
A single road bore starting in Cincinnati, OH and ending in New York City, NY.

Dirax Shrink Sleeve
It would also be the length of a road bore starting in Rome and ending in Frankfurt!

     That would be one heck of a road bore!  Now, over the course of these years; with more than 75,000 DIRAX kits installed on more than 75,000 field joints; how many problems have there been? 

     I have been with Joint Specialists for 13 years.  I have been involved with the DIRAX product on a daily basis.  In 13 years:

- Number of DIRAX failures I am aware of:  ZERO
- Number of Corrosion problems underneath a DIRAX shrink sleeve I've heard about:  ZERO
- Number of DIRAX sleeves that were displaced during road bores:  ZERO
- Number of DIRAX sleeves that were displaced during a directional drill:  ZERO

     If you're keeping score at home; that is zero failures in more than 75,000 installs; spaced out over a 7 year period.  In case you're looking for a loophole; every single DIRAX sleeve that we sell is sold in a box with our company name and company telephone number on it.  If DIRAX sleeves were failing; we would be hearing about it.  The simple fact is; we have not heard a peep.

     The pipe beneath a road or a river is often the most sensitive part of a pipeline.  In many cases, that pipe will never been seen again.  Why aren't you choosing to install the only road bore product on the market with a perfect record??  Call us today and we'd be happy to set up a DIRAX demonstration.  Have an upcoming bore?  Let us come install a DIRAX sleeve on the front end of it; so you can see for yourself how well the DIRAX thrives.  Once you see it; you won't trust your pipe to anything else.

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