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Thursday, June 6, 2013

How Many Field Joints in a Mile?

Question:  How many field joints are in a mile?
Question:  How do I know how many shrink sleeves I'm going to need for my project?

Answer:  They don't get very much simpler than this!  In our world; pipe is almost always sold in lengths very close to 40 feet.  Based on that, all we need is a calculator, pen and paper, or my favorite - and abacus to figure it out.

So, you've got 5 miles of pipe.
1 mile equals 5,280 feet.
Every 40 feet is a field joint.
You will have 132 field joints per mile of pipe.
5 x 132 = 660 sleeves will be needed
(this does not include any overage allowance).

Or, you've got a 1200 foot directional drill.
1200 / 40 = 30 DIRAX sleeves will be needed.

Or, you've got 57 miles of 24" pipe
57 x 132 = 7,524 sleeves will be needed.


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