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Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekly Pipeline News Round Up

  •      Enbridge 450 mile pipeline built in 1949, this particular section in Oologah Lake (Oklahoma) being inspected as repairs are expected to be needed.  Apparently this is particularly sensitive as this lake supplies many in the area with their drinking water.  Last year during routine testing, a single 40 foot section of pipe was determined to have an ‘anomoly’.  I find this remarkable.  This pipeline is 64 years old.  No indication is given in the article what the factory applied or field joint coating is (but being 64 years old; it is almost certainly nothing that is currently being used) and there is concern about one specific segment of pipe.  My guess (I stress “GUESS”) would be that such a thing must be a result of physical damage – an anchor – a some kind of debris dropped on it  - something like that.  In any case – I wish they’d publicize what the coatings are since 64 years and 1 problem (almost certainly caused by an outside source) is a pretty remarkable track record!  (read more)
  •       Another Canadian Gas Line rupture??  What in the world is going on up there? (early reports are that this was likely caused by catastrophic flooding.  (read more)

  •       Constitution Pipeline files FERC.  196km, 30” pipeline to be in service by 2015 in the NE USA.  (read more)

  •       Major Pipeline explosion in Louisiana.  Early reports say it is part of the Florida Gas Transmission line.  No injuries were reported.  No explanation in the articles I’ve read about a possible cause….(read more)

  •       Au Canada.  Third spill in three weeks (Plains this time).  6” line; no explanation of how/why.  (read more)

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