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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FBE Pipeline Coating Repair

     So, your FBE coated pipe has some damage on it.  Don't panic, this happens all of the time!  It most likely wasn't damaged during the coating process (since it was jeeped at some point); but more likely there have been some minor damage that occurred while the pipe was being moved around or trucked across the state.  Fear not; we've got you covered.
FBE sticks
A 5# pounds contains something in the neighborhood of 90-100 sticks.

How do I repair FBE?
Is this what the box you just finished looks like?  We've got more in stock.
    Now, these sticks are designed only to fix minor damage; preferably nothing more than pinholes.  If you have anything more significant (even something the size of a quarter or larger); we would always recommend that you install a shrink sleeve around the damaged area.  Just as shrink sleeves have successfully coated girth welds for the last 40 years; they can also repair a damaged pipeline coating.

     In order to recommend a shrink sleeve type; we'll need all of the typical information (found here) like operating temperature of the line; pipe outside diameter; size of the damage; etc.  All of those factors affect the price of course; but isn't spending $5 to properly fix a damaged area worth it?  You want to sleep at night don't you?  You want to finish this project knowing that you've done a good job, don't you?

     So, for pinhole sized damage on FBE coated pipe (which is more common than you might think), pick up a box of these FBE repair sticks.  If your damage is more significant; give me a call and I'll walk you through the different options we can offer. 

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