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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TPSM Heat Shrink Sleeves Covalence / Raychem

     Once upon a time, the Raychem sales team in Europe came to R&D with a request.  They wanted to sell the TPS (tubular pipe sleeve) product in Europe (and elsewhere in the world) but they were running into some difficulties as TPS shrink sleeves are sized in inches and just about every other country in the world sizes pipe in millimeters (yes, we in America are WAY behind the times and too stubborn for our own good sometimes).  So, those folks in other parts of the world wanted a TPS sleeve that was sized in millimeters. 

Raychem TPSM
The sleeve on the right is a TPS sleeve; very similar to a TPSM sleeve.
      Thus, TPSM (tubular pipe sleeve / millimeters) was born.  To further complicate things, they decided to further complicate things, product development also decided to make some minor tweaks to backing thickness and adhesive thickness.  But all that aside; when we do get a call for Covalence's TPSM product my first step is to try to determine if our TPS might be a suitable replacement (we stock it by the thousands).  I've generally found that TPS shrink sleeves have almost always been accepted where TPSM shrink sleeves were originally requested.

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