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Thursday, August 1, 2013

S1301M Epoxy Kit (Primer 15 Kit)

S-1301M Primer
All of the components of an S1301M Primer 15 Kit (epoxy primer)
     Above, you see all of the components of the S1301M Epoxy Primer kit.  First of all, when properly mixed and properly applied to a pipeline that has been adequately preheated (to a temperature between 140F and 195F) one S1301M Primer 15 kit is designed to coat approximately 15 square feet of pipe.  This means that on smaller pipe sizes; one epoxy kit will generally be used for multiple field joints.  As a result, contractors must have the appropriate number of girth welds completed and cleaned at the same time; prior to sleeve application.

      Next, it is important to not that the S1301M Primer kit is NOT designed to be used as a stand alone pipeline coating.  It is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a Covalence shrink sleeve system which has been tested, evaluated and designed to act as a cohesive field joint coating system.  Examples of such a coating are: DIRAX, HTLP60 and HTLP80.  At times it has also been used with both WPCT and WPC100M products. 

     Finally, the components of the kit:  an "A" container, a "B" container, a stir stick, an applicator pad and two latex gloves. 

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