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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Do I Seal Duct Work

Question:  How do I properly seal up duct work to prevent (or repair) leaks. 

Answer:  Covalence (formerly Raychem) manufactures a product called TWDB.  This stands for "Thermofit WrapAround Duct Band".  This is a heat shrinkable product that can be shrunk with a propane torch.  The sleeve product itself is a two layer heat shrink system, utilizing a heat shrinkable backing and a copolymer adhesive layer.  This adhesive layer bonds tenaciously to the substrate and when subject to the shrink force of the PE backing; the adhesive flows and fills irregularities in the substrate helping to form a proper seal.

Thermofit Wraparound Duct Bands are available in 4", 3" and occasionally 2" widths.  They are sold as rolls which are 165 feet long.  Installers cut their own bands to length (depending on the size of the duct work they are working with) and install.  A very quick, simple process.

We keep this material in stock and ready to ship same day; so call today.

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