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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cathodic Protection and Shrink Sleeves

Question:  What sort of products do you sell into the Cathodic Protection industry?  Are they all heat shrinkable?

Answer:  We sell a number of products into the CP industry; some are heat shrinkable and some are not.

Looking at them one by one:

Anode Caps - heat shrinkable caps designed to seal and protect the lead wire / anode connection and offer much needed stress relief to that area (link).

GHFC - Incredibly simple and easy protection for your cable splice.  Nothing is faster or easier to install (link

WCSM - heavy wall heat shrinkable tubing for simple electrical splices (link).

MWTM - medium wall heat shrink tubing for simple splices (link).

And plenty of others.  If you are in the CP industry and need help with sealing, protecting, splicing or terminating - there is a good chance that we have the right product for you. 

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