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Friday, September 27, 2013

DIRAX Heat Shrink Sleeves / DIREX Heat Shrink Sleeves

DIRAX Heat Shrink Sleeves / DIREX Heat Shrink Sleeves

Frequently Asked Questions about Dirax Shrink Sleeves

Q:  Is it DIRAX or DIREX?
A:  The correct nomenclature is DIRAX - but I've seen DIREX written many, many times on inquiries, purchase orders and even on specifications!

Q:  Do we have to use the S-1301M epoxy with the DIRAX sleeves?  Can we use only the sleeve?
A:  No.  The S-1301M must be used or the sleeve won’t bond properly to the pipe.

Q:  Will we receive enough epoxy to successfully install all of the DIRAX sleeves?
A:  Yes. If the contractor is organized and has the proper number of field joints welded, cleaned and prepared for coating before the epoxy kit is mixed.  There are often unforeseen events that may lead to extra epoxy being needed.

Q: Do we need to wait until the epoxy cures to install the sleeve?
A:  No.  Install the sleeve over the wet epoxy.  The sleeve and epoxy are designed to work together.

Q: Do you have any tips for most efficiently using the epoxy?
A: Yes.  Be sure you are properly preheating the pipe.  This will allow you to put the epoxy on in a very thin coat (which is how it is supposed to work) and avoid wasting epoxy.

Q:  It is cold outside and the epoxy is very, very difficult to mix.  Is this normal?
A:  In cold weather, the epoxy does get thick.  We recommend storing the epoxy in a truck or building so that it doesn’t get so cold. 

Q:  We ran out of epoxy and need some immediately, can you overnight it to us?
A:  No.  The epoxy is a hazardous material and is not packaged in a way that allows overnight shipments.  We can ship via freight truck or via UPS ground.

Q:  How long do we have to wait before we can begin the bore/pull?
A:  The epoxy layer of the sleeve must be cured and the sleeve must be cool before pulling.  This typically occurs within 20-30 minutes but since cure times are greatly influenced by ambient weather conditions, only the people onsite can determine when exactly the epoxy cures.

Q:  Do we put epoxy on the steel and the FBE/ARO? 
A:  Yes.  The epoxy needs to be everywhere that the sleeve will be (and the leader strip which is the 3” wide sleeve).  The only possible exception is when you are working with PE coated pipe.

Q:  Do we wrap the sleeves around the pipe snugly or with a large ‘gap’ underneath the pipe?
A:  Wrap the sleeve snugly.
Q:  Is there a limit to how large of a pipeline can use DIRAX?
A:  No there is not.  We’ve had extensive evaluations in the past on lines as large as 42” and the DIRAX sleeve survived the bore with flying colors

Q:  What are the standard widths of DIRAX and which one should we get?
A:  Standards are 12”, 17” and 24”.  At a minimum, we recommend that a sleeve be wide enough to coat all bare steel and overlap onto adjacent factory applied coating by at least 2” per side.  Some end users specify that the overlap onto adjacent factory applied coatings must be at least 3”, 4”or even 6” per side. 

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