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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ray the Raychem Seal - Raychem Heat Shrink

     Ahhhhh, who remembers the 1970's? Bellbottom jeans; disco dancing; The Brady Bunch, Charlie's Angels, Happy Days.....and Ray the Raychem Seal?  Once upon a time, the Raychem Corporation was a company that was beginning to conquer the world.  This meant they were experiencing dramatic growth and regularly entering new markets with new products.  Research and development were being heavily invested in.  Marketing gurus were looking for new and innovative ways to create a buzz around the product and introduce new product lines.  One of their wonderful creations was Ray the Raychem Seal.

     Today, I stumbled across an old video of Ray the Raychem Seal on youtube.  What a find!  So, grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy this mornings brush with greatness!
(I couldn't imbed the video - click HERE to view it on Youtube)

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