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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Protal 7200 - Successful Project

Protal 7200 In Stock

Two Part Epoxy
Protal 7200 Hand Applied on a 42" Line
      The year was 2010 and one of the largest pipeline jobs in the country was just wrapping up:  500 miles of 36" and 42" pipe.  Kinder Morgan's Mid-Continent Express used Protal 7200 on all of the field joints; hand applied (as opposed to brush applied).  500 miles of 36" and 42" pipe uses a LOT of liters of Protal 7200!

     A situation like this; a large project requiring many, many pallets of material is where Joint Specialists can really add some value to your project.  Why would you want to purchase and store dozens of pallets worth of Protal 7200 somewhere? In addition, why pay the prices that you have to pay to purchase all of those liters one pallet at a time?  You shouldn't have to do either of those things - and now with Joint Specialists as your partner - you don't.

     We have plenty of warehouse space.  We understand the value of on hand inventory.  We excel at customer service.  Simply place your blanket order with us and we'll store all of the Protal 7200 you are going to need right here on hand.  We'll ship it out as you need it (even if it is a pallet at a time or less) and we will invoice you as we ship; for what we ship. 

     In addition, stop getting nickel and dimed!  We will offer the same, great project prices to you even if you really only need a few liters.  We think the most fair thing to do is to consider your purchases over the course of a year; rather than taking of advantage of you on those small jobs...and being fair is important to us. 

     So give us a shot on your next project that requires Protal 7200.  We'll treat you well and we'll treat you right.  No games.  No bickering back and forth.  We try to make things easy on you...we know you've got bigger things to deal with than buying field joint coatings!

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