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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Anode Sealing Cap

Anode Sealing Cap

Joint Specialist's Anode Sealing Cap (ASC) seals the critical connection between the anode lead wire and the anode. The Anode Sealing Cap provides stress relief at the wire connection. It seals and electrically insulates the end of the anode where the lead wire exits the anode. 

The Anode Sealing Cap is the ideal solution to prevent premature failure of the anode typically caused by corrosion of the wire connection. 

Each cap is expanded to allow clearance for easy installation over the lead wire and the anode. A rubber based sealant is coated on the inside of the cap.

During the heat shrink process, the cap shrinks to 
conform to the anode and wire while the sealant softens 
and bonds to their surfaces. After cooling the cap 
remains durable and water tight.

The Anode Sealing Cap is designed to fit 2", 3" and 4" inch anodes


Tensile Strength: 120 psi
Ultimate Elongation: 300%
Volume Resistivity: 1 X 10 14 th
Water Absorption: .1%


Viscosity @ 160 C. : 340 poise
Ring & Ball Softening Point: 90 c.
Lap Shear: 35 psi

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