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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alyeska Case Study: Part 2, Fashion on the Pipeline Spread

     You may remember that I wrote a little about Raychem's transcendent success on the Great Alaskan Pipeline previously.   There I talk about the tremendous impact that Raychem had on that pipeline - and on the tremendous impact that pipeline had on Raychem...launching it to Fortune 500 status (in time).

     We have recently been compiling and sorting through the assorted pieces of Raychem history that we have here at our facility.  With a relationship with Raychem dating back to the 1970's, there really is quite a bit!  Not quite enough for a full museum, but definitely more than enough for a few interesting displays.

     One bit of history that has been removed from mothballs is the actual outfit, purchased by Stan Simpson in the 1970's directly from the Ayeska store.  At that time, this coat alone cost more than $600.00!  According to, $600.00 in 1973 is the equivalent to $3290.00 in 2014!  Some of that is inflation, some of that is the insulation quality of the coat; some of it is the Disneyland type prices they were probably charging that group of captive, freezing cold workers! 

     So, without further ado:  the coat and pants worn during installation of product on the Great Trans Alaskan Pipeline.  It is really too small to see; but over the left shoulder of the coat you can see a photo of both Stan and Sam Damico on the job site wielding their torches!

cold weather pipeline clothes
Cold weather coat and pants worn in sub-freezing temps on a pipeline spread in Alaska

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