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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shrink Sleeve Diameters

Shrink Sleeve Diameters

     A very common question.  "What diameters do your shrink sleeve come in?"  Before we can really answer that, it is important that we understand the application first.  If you're looking for small tubing to seal a splice or something, voltage is a very important detail that must be addressed.  If you're looking at a pipeline coating, it is important the we understand the application and operating temperature before we are able to really answer you.  So please don't be frustrated when we require more information than you really want to track down before we are able to offer a solution.  Please understand that our primary goal is that we offer you a product that will do exactly what you are wanting it to do, for as long as you want to do it.
     In order to begin to talk diameters, we have to first discuss the two "types" or configurations of shrink sleeves.  The first type we will discuss is called a wrap around shrink sleeve.  The second is a tube, tubular or slip on.
     The wrap around shrink sleeve wraps around the substrate and is then held together with something.  Sometimes it is held together by a rail and channel system.  Sometimes it utilizes a high shear hot melt adhesive.  In cases where a wrap around sleeve is used in the pipeline and larger substrate world is essentially limitless.  As one example, our WPCT product is something we stock in 300 foot rolls.  A single 300 foot roll of WPCT could be used to make a single shrink sleeve that would wrap around a round substrate with a 95 foot outside diameter!  That would be a heck of a pipeline.  More like a multi lane tunnel!  Needless to say, I've yet to sell a shrink sleeve for a 95 foot pipeline, but the important fact to remember here is:  I could if I needed to!!  Wrap around shrink sleeves are very flexible and can be manufactured for just about any diameter (when considering both electrical and pipeline applications).
     Tubular products are a different story entirely.  There are a number of different products that are manufactured, but they are all made to cover a certain range of dimensions and no other.  The flexibility simply isn't there.  Either there is an existing tube for your specific application...or there isn't.  It is that simple.  In this case, I will list a few examples to cover a broad range of dimensions:
    WCSM is a low voltage cable splice sealer.  It's common sizes are:
  • WCSM 12/3 - Supplied at .47", shrinks to .12"
  • WCSM 16/4 - .63" to .157"
  • WCSM 24/6 - .944" to .236"
  • WCSM 34/8 - 1.34" to .315"
  • WCSM 48/12 - 1.89" to .472"
  • WCSM 56/16 - 2.20" to .629"
  • WCSM 70/20 - 2.76" to .79"
  • WCSM 110/30 - 4.33" to 1.12"
  • WCSM 130/35 - 5.12" to 1.38"
  • TPS 2375 - 3.2" to 2.25"
  • TPS 2875 - 3.95" to 2.73"
  • TPS 3500 - 4.85" to 3.31"
  • TPS 4500 - 6.01" to 4.05"
  • TPS 6625 - 7.66" to 5.96"
  • TPS 8625 - 10.03" to 7.77"
  • CPSM 195/102 - 7.67" to 4.01"
     As a general rule, we do not make tubular sleeves larger than 8" or so.  They become too unruly and tougher to work with.  In addition, tubes need to have a higher expansion ratio than a wrap around sleeve...and as a result, it becomes fairly expensive to try to make a tubular shrink sleeve for a large diameter. 
     Please give us a call or email us so we can discuss the options that are out there today for your specific application.

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