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Monday, October 20, 2014

How Do I Coat Pipe Bends?

Corrosion Prevention on Pipe Bends

          Coating a pipe bend can be a challenging application.  Sometimes, standard heat shrink sleeves will not work without some amount of skill in your installer.  Instead of installing normal 11", 17", 24" or 34" wide shrink sleeves and lobster tailing them (as you would here:)
We find it is often simpler, and more technically sound to coat those bends using a heat shrinkable, spiral wrapped product.  Good news, we have a couple of options for that application:
First - you can use our WPC100M Tape product.  Made from our normal WPC100M, this product is easy to install, forgiving in terms of surface prep and has a long successful use history.  Available in just about any custom width; WPC100M Tape is often the ideal choice for pipelines that will operate at elevated temperatures. 
A second option is our Flexclad, heat shrinkable tape.  Flexclad doesn't have quite as high of a temperature rating as the WPC100M tape, it is rated for use at 50C; but as a specially designed heat shrinkable tape, it utilizes a lower shrink ratio backing with a hybrid mastic/hot melt adhesive sealant to form a homogenous coating over the length of your bend.  Sold in 50 feet long rolls, Flexclad also has quite a long use successful use history.
In both cases, we have material on the ground, ready to ship at a moments notice.  We understand that pipeline coatings are often the very last things purchased for a pipeline project, and we keep stock accordingly!

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