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Monday, December 8, 2014

Wholesale Pipe Coating Sales

Wholesale Pipeline Coating Sales

     "Do you sell to _____?"  That is a pretty common question.  Just a few examples of what the blank is filled in with:  Do you sell to Contractors?  Do you sell direct?  Do you sell to end users?  Do you sell to resellers?  Do you sell to EPC companies?  Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.  In some cases though, the more accurate question might be: "Do you sell to resellers who are selling to resellers who are selling to resellers who are selling to contractors?"  It seems a little bit sad - but yes - we do that too.  We sell pipeline coatings to all kinds of companies in all kinds of different configurations.  If you're looking for a place who keeps a large stock of pipeline coatings and is willing to sell to resellers; you've found the right folks. 

     Here at Joint Specialists, we understand that the field joint coatings for a pipeline are very often the very last detail in the purchasing chain.  I can't even tell you how often I've heard from someone in the field sharing that they already welded up pipe before they realized they didn't have anything to coat that weld with yet!  We get it.  You're building a multi million dollar pipeline.  You've had dozens of skilled employees out there assembling this pipeline.  You have thousands of dollars of equipment on the right of way in good working order.  Every decision that has been made so far involved numbers with at least a few zeros behind their price tag.  It is easy for us to see why that  $6.00 per field joint item wasn't at the top of your acquisition list. 

     But now that pipe is welded, you gotta have something immediately!  You need something overnighted!  You need something you can send a truck to pick up right now!  We understand urgency, and whether it was your fault or not that those shrink sleeves were never ordered doesn't matter to us.  We keep a large stock here and ready to go at a moments notice.  Calm down.  Take a deep breath.  We've got you taken care of. 


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