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Monday, December 29, 2014

WPC M100 Wrap Around Shrink Sleeve

WPC M100 / WPC100M

     As you might imagine, products with literally decades of successful use histories often "adopt" different names over the course of their lives.  Sometimes this name change can be caused by actual changes in the product.  Other times, a fat finger typo on a single specification can result in years and years of a product be referenced in a slightly different way.  Still other times, product names can be adjusted slightly to fall in line with the other products within the family so that there is some uniformity, logic and reason behind product names.  I'm not which caused the M100 / 100M variation to occur but I think it was actually the latter.  I believe that the earliest data sheets for this product referenced the M100 and it was only a few years later that the M was moved to the back of the line so to speak. 

     Originally designed to be compatible with Pritec factory applied pipeline coatings, the M100 utilizes a butyl mastic sealant with similar viscosity and temperature ratings to the mastic adhesive incorporated in the Pritec.  That mastic is quite aggressive, rated for use at up to 100C (under the right conditions) and bonds very, very well to PE jackets (including factory applied pipeline coatings and the backing the of heat shrinkable sleeve). 

     Because the mastic of the M100 (WPC100M) is so aggressive, it is able to be installed on pipeline surfaces that have been power wire brushed and does not always require a sand blasted pipe surface.  This makes it an ideal product for applications in which installation times are a factor (ie offshore installations in particular).

     Available in 11", 17", 24" and 34" widths, the WPC100M can also be customized to fit nearly any width and nearly any pipeline diameter (2.375" and up).  In addition, when purchasing, be certain you are buying an /UNI sleeve construction which means the closure strip is preattached to the shrink sleeve in our plant, making for a simpler and safer product installation in the field.

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