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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thermofit Pipe Sleeve

Thermofit Pipe Sleeve

tubular pipe sleeve
Raychem (now called Covalence) Thermofit Pipe Sleeve
     Thermofit TPS is a thick walled, heat shrinkable, tubular sleeve made from radiation crosslinked polyolefins and precoated with specially formulated visco elastic mastic and adhesive sealants. 
     The sleeve jacket resists abrasion, impact and penetration, yet is flexible even at very low temperatures.  The sealants are designed to flow and fill all surface irregularities and possess excellent bonding and sealing characteristics to most all polymers, metals and commonly used pipe coatings. 

     TPS protects welded pipe joints against corrosion and protects the insulation material of preinsulated pipelines against water penetration. 

     Thermofit pipe sleeves resist temperature cycling, soil stresses, hyrdrostatic pressure and chemical attack.  Heat and UV stabilized materials act as moisture barrier, unaffected by common solvents and fluids and resistant to cathodic disbondment. 

     TPS thermofit sleeves can be applied on all types of pipe coatings and outer jackets; will easily accomodate variations in pipe size or insulation thickness and is compatible with marine mastic pours.

     No special skills or equipment are necessary.  Resists abuses during handling and backfilling.  Needs no primer.  Compatible with all mill-applied coatings.  May be installed directly over hot weld.  No rock shield required.  Sleeve lengths may be overlapped. 
shrink sleeve tube
Installer shrinks TPS sleeve around pipeline to provide superior corrosion protection.

tubular heat shrink sleeve
TPS has proven to be the ideal system for district heating systems throughout Europe.

raychem tps
TPS shrink sleeves providing maximum joint protection on oil line in Peru. 

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