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Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Successful Bundled Road Bore Completed

Pipe Bore Bumpers (Doughnuts) - Another Success!

     Another bundled road bore where the pipelines have been successfully prevented from pipe against pipe damage during the boring process by our bumpers!  This line was in the Houston area and the bundle pulled was a 16 inch line, a 12 inch line and a 6 inch line.  With bumpers appropriately spaced and the bumper system properly installed (we always like to have an expert on site wherever possible to make sure everything is installed properly), another successful bore was completed. 
12 inch pipe spacer
Fully installed BBS Bumper Bundle System on 12" Pipe
     This proven system is sold as a single line item part which includes:
- 2" wide by 1" tall specially formulated bumper material
- 17" wide sleeve proven to hold that bumper in place throughout the bore process
- 3" wide leader strip / wear cone for extra protection on the front end of the sleeve
- suitable mount of the two part S1301M bonding agent

     Each bumper is generally installed in 5 minutes or less.  It does not require any special training or tools (propane torch and silicone roller are about it).  This proven, field friendly solution has been used by major pipeline contractors and end users around the country.  Contact us for a quote or simply for a copy of the brochure affiliated with this BBS (or BBS/CCS) product line. 

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