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Monday, July 6, 2015

Pipe Bundle 6-inch and 12-inch

Pipe Bumpers Made Easy

     Another job in the books and another pipe successfully protected during a bundled road bore project.  Here are a few photos.

bore bundle skids
Pipe bundled, bumpered and resting on skids to move it toward the bore hole. 

pipe doughnut
All of this rain we've had is making for some wet, messy job sites.

pipe spacing
Good photo showing the space the bumpers create.  Bumpers are located 10-20 feet 'off screen' but are still working to hold the lines separated at this point.

bumper bundle
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor mud can prevent our BBS system from doing what it is designed to do.
      Our bumper system (BBS or BBS/CCS) has now been used successfully on numerous projects with nary a sniff of a failure or even sub-par performance.  Simple to install.  Easy to install.  Fast to install, there is no other system on the market as easy to use that can perform this well.

     Using a high durometer, specially formulated and fully evaluated proven bumper material.  This system simply works.  Our system for holding that bumper in place through out the boring process is also unmatched.  This multi layer system can be installed in three to four minutes (depending on pipe size) and can see pipe stresses as soon as it has cooled.  You have enough to worry about on this project - let us worry about preventing pipe collisions during the boring process. 

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