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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Covalence Seal for Life Tubular Heat Shrink Sleeves

Covalence Seal for Life Tubular Heat Shrink Sleeves

      Covalence is a division of Seal for Life Industries (which is a division of Berry Plastics).  Formerly going by the name Raychem, our tubular heat shrink sleeves have gone unchanged over the years in spite of the manufacturer name changes.  TPS Tubular heat shrink sleeves are commonly sold for pipelines 2" thru 8".  Available in 18" and 9" widths, TPS has been successfully installed and used for decades. 

     TPS heat shrinkable tubes are compatible with standard pipe coatings including PE, FBE, Tapes, Coal Tars and Polypropylenes.  The comprehensive range of sizes allows all pipe diameters up to 8" (200mm) to be coated.  From nominal pipe sizes 10" and larger, we recommend the appropriate wrap around product be used. 

     Installation of the tubular heat shrink sleeve is carried out directly on the cleaned and dried (pre-heated) pipe surface. No primer is required to promote adhesion.  TPS is compatible with standard commercial mill applied coatings.  In the event of mechanical damage, the sealing adhesive flows and seals off the damaged area (self healing effect).  No special tools are needed which leads to lower installation costs.  Continuous, tubular design means no closure patch is necessary (tubes must be slided over the pipe prior to welding the joint together).  The thick walled structure of the cross linked heat shrinkable material gives it high impact strength and penetration resistance. 

Tubular Heat Shrink Sleeve Installation Steps

  1. Slide the tubular heat shrink sleeve, complete with its protective release paper, onto the pipe before the joint is made.
  2. Prepare the pipe surface that is to be coated with a power wire brush; removing all loose and foreign materials.  No primer is required.
  3. Using a propane torch, preheat the surface of the pipe and adjacent factory applied coating to about 60C.  
  4. Position the sleeve over the welded joint so that it overlaps the mill applied coating by at least 50mm (2 inches).  Remove the release paper. 
  5. Working from the center outwards, heat the sleeve with a soft yellow propane flame, keeping the torch in steady and circumferential motion.

You will know the tubular heat shrink sleeve is installed correctly when:

  1.  The complete sleeve is in contact with the surface of the pipe, it is smooth and has no cold spots or air enclosures.
  2. Adhesive flow is evident at both sleeve edges along the circumference of the pipe.
  3. The overlap on the mill applied coating is as specified.  
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