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Monday, December 28, 2015

Casing Seals

Sealing a Casing Pipe with a Casing Seal (Caseal)

Casing Seal (CASEAL) used to prevent water from entering and corroding the interior of the casing.
     Per DOT regulations, anytime a casing pipe and a carrier pipe are used, something must be used to seal that casing pipe.  If water and or debris is freely able to creep into a casing pipe, that casing pipe is likely to begin corroding from the inside out in a remarkable short period of time.  If that happens, the corroded casing can collapse onto the carrier, causing damage, or it can simply cease to serve its initial function.  If it is not serving its initial function, the carrier pipe can quickly become damaged by vibrations and movements caused by the road above.  That isn't good.  It is for exactly this reason that Caseal has been one of the leading solutions to casing pipe sealing in the oil, gas and water pipelines markets. 

    Caseal is a multi layer sealing system.  CS (Caseal / Casing Seal) incorporates a visco elastic mastic sealant and a multi layer fiber reinforced, radiation crosslinked polyethylene backing.  This sheet material is manufactured into a wrap around sleeve with a very high shrink ratio specially designed for casing / service pipe sealing.  The adhesive assures an excellent bond between the sleeve and the bare steel or factory applied pipeline anti corrosion coating. 

     The fiber mesh woven into the backing gives the Caseal / Casing Seal a high mechanical resistance as well as a high recovery capacity.  A zipper closing system allows a simple and fast installation.  This product is installed using a standard gas torch.  After pipe surface preparation and preheating, the sleeve is zipper closed, forming a tube, and shrunk in place tightly fitting around the substrate.  During shrink sleeve recovery, the adhesive softens and flows to form a tight bond.  The bond strength builds up during cool down and is fully retained after completion of the job. 

    Features and Benefits:
- Fiberglas reinforced backing provides high mechanical resistance and high recovery capacity. 
- 65% shrink ration conforms to high transitions and reduces inventory and logistics costs.
- Resists a wide range of environmental and mechanical forces.  Reliable moisture proof seal and extremely tough. 
- Specially formulated sealant ensures a strong bond and tight seal to virtually any substrate.  Maintains its elasticity and sealing characteristics over a wide temperature range.
- Sealing adhesive automatically flows and repairs minor mechanical damages.  Self healing effect.
- Zipper closure system allows a simple and fast installation.
- Usable also when service pipe is not concentric with the casing.  Caseal is highly versatile.
- No special equipment required.  Makes installation fast and easy and keeps installation low.

    Approved for use on pipelines operating at or below ambient temperatures, Caseal is compatible with all commonly used factory applied pipeline coatings.  In addition, it can be installed over a wire brushed pipe surface (free from all oils and loose material).   

     When fully recovered, Caseal would have a backing thickness of 3.25mm.  This is pretty thick; particularly considering that the fiber mesh is woven between dual layers of radiation crosslinked polyolefin. 

    Installation video can be found here:

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