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Monday, April 4, 2016

BBS Installation Video

Bundled Bore Bumper System Installation Video

     Our BBS system is (and has been) used often to prevent pipe vs pipe damage during a bundled directional drilling pull through.  Installation is fast and easy and the finished product is excellent.  We have also been fortunate to be given the opportunity to collect before and after photos on occasion (BBS Case Study).

Basic installation steps are here:
  1. Clean pipe surface  - being certain all dust, oil, grease, dirt are gone.
  2. Preheat pipe surface to 140F to 160F
  3. Wrap and secure a single bumper piece 2" x 1"
  4. Mix and apply epoxy bonding agent 
  5. Wrap and shrink bumper holder in place (17" wide)
  6. Wrap and shrink 3" wide leader strip in place
  7. Check for proper installation

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