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Monday, June 20, 2016

Premier Road Bore Coating: DIRAX

Excellent Coating for Directional Drilling

     Over the last twenty years, there has been one product that seen consistent growth year after year after year.  That product is DIRAX.  DIRAX is a coating system designed to protect girth welds on pipelines that will be involved in road bores and directional drills.  Utilizing an extremely tough polyolefin; installed on top of a high shear two part epoxy, DIRAX has been used an evaluated on the toughest applications ever seen in the USA and around the world.

     We have seen DIRAX thrive in situations where a field applied epoxy failed miserably.
     We have seen DIRAX used successfully on pipelines as large as 48" OD.
     We have seen DIRAX survive unscathed on small diameter bores where no lubrication was used in the hole.
     We have seen DIRAX excel again and again in environments where even the factory applied coating and ARO are struggling - including pull throughs with razor sharp rocks in the path of the bore. 

     Easy and quick to install - DIRAX is the obvious solution for many road bore applications.  Here are some photos from a recent pipeline spread where we offered training and job kickoff inspection.

Looking down the right of way

Pipe strung up ready for pull through

Dirax S1301M Epoxy applicaqtion

Shrinking the DIRAX

Shrinking the DIRAX part 2

The finished product

Post installation analysis

Analysis of leading edge of coating. 

Sideview of installed DIRAX

Epoxy as primary corrosion coating - DIRAX as physical protection

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