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Friday, October 7, 2016

Covalence Shrink Sleeves In Stock

Covalence Shrink Sleeves in Stock and Ready to Ship

     Do you have an urgent need for Covalence (formerly Raychem) shrink sleeves?  Having trouble finding anyone who can get pricing to you quickly?  Having trouble finding someone who can ship a partial out today for you?  Having trouble finding anyone who knows the products and can explain the differences between the different product options?  Getting upset because your emails and telephone calls have gone unanswered for the last several days?  I'm sorry to tell you - you are not alone!  Many have had this experience. 

     Great news though!  You've found us.  Joint Specialists is here to help you and solve your problems.  Your only wish will be that you'd found us sooner. 

    With hundreds of thousands of feet worth of material spanning numerous different product material types (all Covalence) - we can almost certainly help you to get your project kicked off.  95% of orders placed with us ship same day.  The other 5% ship within 1 day (or longer if requested by the customer). 

WPCT - Covalence shrink sleeve designed for ambient temperature lines - in stock and ready to ship in 11", 17", 24" and 34" widths.

DIRAX - Covalence's excellent road bore field joint coating (with no long cure time issues) can be ready to ship almost immediately.  Just get us the quantity, pipe OD and product width needed (12", 17" or 24"). 

WPC100M - a higher temp mastic sleeve; used often offshore and onshore. 

HTLP60 - This three layer field joint coating solution manufactured by Covalence is excellent; fully compatible with all common factory applied coatings (including Pritec).

WPC120 - high temp Covalence shrink sleeve rated to 120C.

TPS - tubular pipe sleeve made by Covalence that is slipped on to the field joint before the weld is made.

WPC65M - excellent mastic product rated for use up to 65C

TWDB - thermofit wrap around duct band product used on duct work in HVAC systems to reduce air leaks at the duct joint.

HTLP80 - higher temp version of the HTLP60

Torch Kits / Silicone Rollers - these two combined with a propane tank -- and a way to clean the pipe is all you need for installing Covalence shrink sleeves.

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