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Friday, April 28, 2017

Cut Shrink Sleeves versus Roll Shrink Sleeves

Advantages of Cut Pieces over Roll Stock
     When purchasing shrink sleeves, you have a couple of options.  You can purchase bulk rolls of material and also purchase closures (and perform the cutting labor yourself), or you can purchase individually cut sleeves.  Both have some advantages and some disadvantages.  I will list those below:

Purchasing Bulk Rolls and Closure Strips
·         Can offer some material cost savings in some cases
·         Offers great flexibility as any shrink sleeve size can be cut as needed from the bulk roll
·         You end up with potentially unusable tailings when the roll gets low
·         Easy for a contractor or laborer to make mistakes and cut sleeves to the wrong size
·         Easy for someone inexperienced to nick/cut the shrink sleeve material in the wrong place causing a field issue
·         Two part shrink sleeves (where the sleeve material and closure are supplied separately) represent the bulk of all field service problems in the industry
·         Installing a two piece sleeve is a bit slower and labor intensive; one more thing that could go wrong if the contractor is inexperienced. 

Purchasing Cut Pieces:
·         No wasted tailings, everything you have is usable
·         /Uni sleeves – easier installation for construction crew when a one piece sleeve is supplied
·         No lost closures or damaged master rolls
·         In our shop, we have the proper equipment for quality control and fast turnarounds
·         No need to stock thousands of feet in rolls at a time; inventory levels can be much more economical.
Slightly higher material cost in some cases – but must be weighed against lowered labor cost

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