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Monday, April 3, 2017

WPCT Rated to 149F

WPCT Shrink Sleeves Temperature Rating

      WPCT is the most commonly used heat shrinkable sleeve in the United States.  It can be used on just about any pipeline outside diameter from 2" up through 144+".  Available in a number of product widths, WPCT can be purchased in 11", 17", 24" and 34" wide sleeve -- or just about any custom product width.  Fully compatible with all commonly applied factory coatings (including PP), WPCT is sort of the 'jack of all trades' of shrink sleeves and pipeline coatings.

     WPCT can be used on pipelines operating at temperatures as high as 149F (65C).  This makes it an excellent, low cost option as a pipeline coating on pipelines that will operate at moderately high temperatures.  In addition, WPCT is fully UV resistant and can be used above ground. 

     In order to determine what product width is required, you must know what the factory applied coating cutbacks are.  The shrink sleeve must be wide enough to coat all bare steel, and overlap onto the adjacent factory applied coating by at least 3" per side (some end users allow a 2" overlap in their specifications). 

     Shipped to the field with their closure strip pre-attached; WPCT is a simple installation that requires no special training, no special expensive tools and a minimal amount of supervision.  All that is needed is a method to clean the pipe, a propane torch and tank and a silicon roller to achieve a proper installation. 

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