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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Best Way to Coat Pipe Bends

Flexclad - Heat Shrinkable Tape for Easily Coating Pipe Bends

     Coating bends on a new construction pipeline can present some challenges.  There are certainly options, but many of them present an obstacle or two.  Properly filling and sealing every aspect of that bend; including the inner diameter; has been a concern for decades.  In my experience, the best product for this application, hands down, is Flexclad heat shrinkable tape.

     Flexclad does a fantastic job forming a cohesive, solid coating around the entire length of the bend.  Overlapping onto itself by 40-50% and overlapping onto he adjacent factory applied coating, it offers excellent corrosion prevention and physical protection to that bend for the life of the line.

     Here are a few photos from a recent training demonstratioN:

     If you'd like to arrange a product demo for your company or customer, please contact us today and we will work to get that arrange. 

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