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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

 Joint Specialists Pipe Coatings IN STOCK and READY to SHIP (March 2022)

     Joint Specialists has been a leading distributor of high quality pipeline coatings for more than two decades now.  Located in Conroe, Texas; JSI keeps a large inventory of material to support all of your pipe coating needs in our 20,000 square foot warehouse.  Below is a list of just a few of the different products we have available for immediate shipment.  Give us a call for pricing:  936/321-3333 or send an email:

Powercrete J:  Powercrete J is the premier two part epoxy coating for field joints on pipelines that will be involved with road bores and directional drilling applications.  Powercrete J is incredibly tough and has excellent resistance to the types of damage that can occur when a pipeline is dragged through a muddy hole.  Available in 2#, 4# and 10# kits, we have Powercrete J available in any quantity for immediate shipment.

Powercrete R65 / Powercrete F1:  Sometimes referred to as Powercrete R65 and sometimes referred to as Powercrete F1 (we call it Powercrete R65/F1) this excellent two part epoxy coating is loved in the field for its fast cure abilities.  Reducing labor costs in the field; Powercrete R65/F1 offers fantastic corrosion prevention properties and will protect your field joints, likely through the life of your pipeline.  Available in 1#, 2# and 4# kits (custom kits also available) we have Powercrete R65/F1 in stock and ready to go for immediate shipment.  

Powercrete R95:  Powercrete R95 is the HIGH BUILD epoxy option.  With the ability to apply a single coat in a 30 mil plus thickness (depending on installer skill of course) Powercrete R95 is an excellent coating that reduces field labor costs, reduces material waste and provides excellent corrosion resistance on pipelines.  Powercrete R95 is available in 2#, 4# or custom kit sizes as needed.  Material on hand and ready to ship.

Powercrete R65/F1 50ml Repair Cartridges:  Powercrete R65/F1 is available in repair cartridge form.  Sold in cases which consist of 25 each of the 50ml cartridges; 50 each of the static mixing tips and 1 each of the dispenser guns; these cartridges can be used to repair minor damage for Powercrete J, Powercrete R65/F1 or Powercrete R95 coatings (DD as well).  

Powercrete R65/F1 400ml Spray Cartridges:  Powercrete R65/F1 in spray form.  With multiple options for different spray tips (straight, right angle, etc) this is a beautiful coating that sprays on incredibly easily.  Generally sold in cases of 10 cartridges, this product is easy to apply.

BBS Bundled Bumper System:  When pulling multiple pipelines through a single bore hole in a bundle, it is important to do two things:  first you want to make sure there is no pipeline coating damage caused by those multiple lines colliding with one another.  Second, you want to make sure that when those lines reach their resting place (when the pull through is completed) you have space between the lines so that your CP can properly protect those lines.  That is where our BBS comes in.   

DIRAX:  The premier heat shrinkable sleeve coating solution for field joints on pipelines that will be involved with road bores and directional drills.  Utilizing a two part epoxy coating as the primary corrosion barrier and then adding in a single component (multi layer) heat shrinkable sleeve with a reinforced backing to make it incredibly strong offers unmatched physical coating characteristics to go along with the excellent corrosion prevention of an epoxy.  Add in a leading edge strip for even more protection on the front end of the line; and you've got yourself an excellent coating that will protect your field joint through the life of the line.

WPCT:  A wrap around shrink sleeve designed for use on standard 'drop in the ditch' application.  Utilizing a butyl mastic sealant, WPCT is rated for use on lines operating at up to 140F.  An excellent and economical solution to coat your field joints.  Available in 11", 17", 24" and 34" widths; WPCT is simple to install and offers excellent field joint coating protection.

WPC100M:  A butyl mastic wrap around shrink sleeve designed to be used on higher temp lines (176F onshore; 212F offshore); WPC100M is a very good coating.   

HTLP60:  In many parts of the world; three layer PE coatings are the factory applied coating of choice.  HTLP60 recreates that three layer coating on the field joints to give a homogenous pipeline coating.  Utilizing a two part epoxy as the primary corrosion barrier and then shrinking a PE sleeve with a hot melt adhesive over that wet epoxy to give it significant physical protection; HTLP60 is a great coating system for non-directional drilling applications.  

Caseal / Casing Seal:  A high shrink, highly reinforced backing helps Caseal to seal up the anulus between your casing pipe and your carrier pipe.  With fantastic penetration resistance; Casing seal prevents water ingress into your casing pipe which extends the life of the pipe significantly.  

FlangeSeal:  Likewise, Flange Seal is a high expansion, heat shrinkable material designed to encapsulate your flange; seal down to the adjacent pipe AND be re-enterable at a later date (by cutting/destroying the Flangeseal). 

WPC120:  High temp wrap around shrink sleeve designed to be used on pipelines operating at up to 248F.

TPS:   A slip on or tubular shrink sleeve.  Very similar to WPCT, TPS is supplied as a tube that must be slipped onto the pipe before the weld is made.  

Waterwrap WAB (weld after backfill):  A product specifically designed to be used on large Water pipe where the sleeve is often welded after this sleeve has already been installed.  

WCSM:  A heat shrinkable tube designed to seal up a splice on a low voltage cable connection (1000 volts). 

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