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Thursday, May 11, 2023

DIRAX Technical Performance


 DIRAX:  Unmatched Pipeline Coating Performance

Based on the provided data, let's analyze DIRAX as a pipeline coating and explain why it is considered the best product on the market.

  1. Product Thickness:
    • Backing (as supplied): 1.85 mm (0.073 in.)
    • Backing (fully free recovered): 2.3 mm (0.091 in.)
    • Adhesive (as supplied): 1.2 mm (0.047 in.)
    • Wear cone (incl. coating) (as supplied): 3.05 mm (0.12 in.)

The product thickness values indicate that DIRAX provides substantial coating thickness, which is essential for protecting pipelines against external factors, such as corrosion and mechanical damage.

  1. Backing Properties:
    • Bursting Strength (DIN 30672): 2350 N

The bursting strength of 2350 N indicates that the backing material of DIRAX is highly durable and can withstand significant pressure. This property ensures that the coating can resist external forces and maintain its integrity.

  1. Adhesive Properties:
    • Softening Point (ASTM E-28): 94°C (201°F)
    • Lap Shear (EN 12068 @ 10mm/0.40"/min., 50°C/122°F): 0.55 N/mm²

The relatively high softening point of 94°C (201°F) suggests that DIRAX can withstand elevated temperatures without losing its adhesive properties. The lap shear test result of 0.55 N/mm² at 50°C (122°F) indicates that the adhesive provides strong bonding between the coating and the pipeline surface, ensuring excellent adhesion even under challenging conditions.

  1. Sleeve Properties:
    • Peel to Steel (EN 12068 @ 10mm/0.40"/min.): 18 N/mm
    • Specific Coating Resistance (DIN 30672, 100 days immersion): 6 x 10^8 Ωm²
    • Impact Resistance (EN 12068, Class C): Pass 15 J
    • Penetration Resistance (EN 12068, Class C50, 50°C/122°F): > 0.6 mm
    • Cathodic Disbondment (EN 12068, 30 days, 50°C/122°F): 8 mm radius

The high peel to steel value of 18 N/mm suggests that DIRAX has excellent resistance to delamination and separation from the pipeline surface. The specific coating resistance value of 6 x 10^8 Ωm² indicates that the coating provides effective electrical insulation, preventing corrosion caused by stray currents. The impact resistance test passing Class C (15 J) demonstrates the ability of DIRAX to withstand mechanical impacts, reducing the risk of damage during installation or in-service conditions. The penetration resistance of > 0.6 mm at 50°C (122°F) ensures that the coating is resistant to penetration by sharp objects, protecting the pipeline from punctures. The cathodic disbondment test result of 8 mm radius after 30 days at 50°C (122°F) indicates that DIRAX has excellent resistance to disbondment, meaning it maintains a strong bond with the pipeline surface even under cathodic protection conditions.

In summary, based on the technical analysis of DIRAX as a pipeline coating, it demonstrates several desirable properties, including substantial thickness, high bursting strength, good adhesive strength, excellent peel and penetration resistance, high specific coating resistance, impact resistance, and resistance to cathodic disbondment. These properties collectively make DIRAX a superior product on the market, providing reliable protection and durability to pipelines in various operating conditions.

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