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Friday, June 2, 2023

Duct Band Sealing

TWDB Thermofit Wraparound Duct Band: Efficient Sealing Solution for Air Conditioning Systems

Introduction: When it comes to maintaining efficient and reliable air conditioning and heating systems, proper sealing of duct joints is essential. TWDB Thermofit Wraparound Duct Band offers a comprehensive solution for sealing duct joints in round air conditioning or heating systems. This heat-shrinkable tape provides a secure and long-lasting seal, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of TWDB, highlighting its role in improving HVAC system performance.

Product Description: TWDB is a two-layer system comprising a copolymer adhesive as the first layer and a thick-walled, radiation-cross-linked, high-density polyethylene as the second layer. This construction ensures a robust and reliable sealing solution for duct joints. The tape is heat-shrinkable, allowing it to tightly wrap around the ducts when heated above 120°C (250°F). The adhesive softens and forms a tenacious bond with the substrate during recovery, filling irregularities and interlocking seams. The resulting mechanically strong and pressure-tight seals provide optimal airflow control and prevent energy loss.

Easy Installation and Application: TWDB offers a user-friendly installation process. Propane gas torches are used to heat the tape and facilitate shrinkage. After assembly and raising the ducts into position, the tape is wrapped around the joint area, and a closure patch is applied, effectively forming a tube or band around the joint. The tape's unique properties ensure a tight seal and a reliable bond, which strengthens during cool down and remains intact after completion of the job. This simple installation process saves time and effort, reducing overall installation costs.

Features and Benefits:

  1. No primer required: TWDB eliminates the need for primers, reducing drying time and making the application process quicker and more convenient.
  2. Low preheat sensitivity & proven functionality: The tape's low preheat sensitivity allows for easy application while maintaining high functional performance, ensuring reliable sealing.
  3. High mechanical resistance backing: TWDB's design enables resistance to vibrations in high-velocity systems operating at temperatures up to 70°C (158°F), ensuring long-term durability.
  4. Minimal inventory cost: The cut-to-length system of TWDB eliminates the need for multiple sizes, reducing inventory costs and streamlining the ordering process.
  5. Specially formulated sealant: TWDB employs a specially formulated sealant that provides reliable protection, ensuring high peel and shear values after installation.
  6. No special equipment or skills required: With no need for specialized equipment or skills, TWDB's installation is fast and easy, reducing labor costs.

Product Properties: TWDB's physical properties make it a reliable choice for duct joint sealing:

  • Backing Tensile strength: 3000 psi (20 MPa)
  • Ultimate Elongation: 580%
  • Hardness, Shore D: 55
  • Shrink force at 150°C (302°F): 40 psi
  • Dielectric strength: 680 volts/mil (27 kV/mm)
  • Water absorption: 0.05%

System Requirements: TWDB meets various system requirements, ensuring optimal performance:

  • Max. operating temperature: 70°C (158°F)
  • Compatible line coatings: Jointing galvanized ducts
  • Min. preheat temperature: Remove moisture + surface oil
  • Recommended pipe preparation: ST3
  • Soil stress restrictions: Not applicable

Conclusion: TWDB Thermofit Wraparound Duct Band offers a highly effective solution for sealing duct joints in round air conditioning or heating systems. Its heat-shrinkable tape, combined with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and closure patch, creates a secure and durable seal. With easy installation, minimal inventory costs, and excellent sealing capabilities, TWDB will practically pay for itself.

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