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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Field Joint Coating for Bores

 Special Coating for Pipe Bores?


     There is a significant difference, when evaluating pipe coatings, between the performance required for a buried pipeline that will be backfilled; and a pipeline that will be dragged through a bore hole for (possibly) thousands of feet; encountering who knows what in terms of rocks, roots, clay, etc.  Bores require high performance products, otherwise your coating is likely not going to survive.

     That is illustrated in the photo above.  That is a section of pipe that was dragged through a bore.  What we are looking at here is the "back end" of the field joint coating.  The black that you see (which is kind of scraped away in places) was an epoxy coating that was being evaluated along with the DIRAX coating system.  We can see quite clearly here, that black epoxy was completely scraped away in places.  Meanwhile, the DIRAX sleeve has nothing more than some surface scratches that aren't coming within 100 mils of the bare steel protected underneath.  

     One product failed (the black epoxy product) and the DIRAX passed with flying colors.  

     In terms of products that I offer that are specifically designed to survive a bore and then protect that pipeline for the life of the pipeline; there are 3 products that I lean on:

1.  DIRAX:  more than a coating; DIRAX is a coating system.  Utilizing a two part epoxy primer as both the bonding agent and the actual anti-corrosion coating; DIRAX then adds in a thick, reinforced polyolefin backing and a very tough, very strong hot melt adhesive that bonds both chemically and physically to the epoxy bonding agent.  DIRAX is easy to install and offers unparalleled protection of the field joints on your pipeline.

2.  POWERCRETE J:  the premier and original field joint coating for bores and drills.  Powercrete J offers excellent adhesion to steel; gouge resistance and is great at every other coating parameter that would considered "important" for a bore.  Available in 2#, 4# and custom kit sizes; Powercrete J is an excellent choice.

3.  Powercrete R65/F1:  bringing many of the same excellent features as Powercrete J; Powercrete R65/F1 adds another:  FAST CURE.  Approved for bores; and requiring fewer labor dollars to install, Powercrete R65/F1 is an excellent choice for your bore.  

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