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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Covalence TPS Tubular Pipe Sleeve

 Covalence Raychem TPS In Stock 

(and dimensions of each size!)

     Covalence TPS has been a staple in the field joint coating world for more than thirty years.  Supplied in a tubular form, there is no need for a WPCPIV closure strip (you can see what that is here).  TPS shrink sleeves must slide onto the pipe BEFORE the weld is made.  They would then be pushed far enough away from the weld joint area to avoid getting any weld spatter, etc on them (plastic isn't meant to cuddle with weld spatter).  After the weld has been made and the steel has cooled back toward ambient temperatures; the weld joint is cleaned (wire brush or grit blast); then the field joint is preheated to a temperature of ~140F.  Then (finally) the sleeve can be situated in the proper spot (centered on the weld) and the release liner can be removed.  Now the shrinking can finally start!

     So what sizes of TPS are available -- and how many are generally stocked at JSI (in Conroe, TX 77385)?  

     My current stock as of today (in rough numbers -- call for exact numbers!)  In terms of sizing, the first number is the pipe diameter in a TPS 2375 is for a 2.375" OD pipe.  The 18 means that these tubes are supplied to give you 18" of coverage along the pipe.  There will be longitudinal shrink during the shrink process so fully installed they will likely be something a bit less than 17":

  • 4,000 each TPS 2375-18
  • 2,000 each TPS 2875-18
  • 4,000 each TPS 3500-18
  • 2,500 each TPS 4500-18
  • 1,200 each TPS 6625-18
  • 1,000 each TPS 8625-18

     So what are the supplied and recovered dimensions for a TPS sleeve?  This is important because TPS is often used on upset tubing and unusual configurations.  Keep in mind, the supplied ID can be misleading; the sleeve is coated with a very stick mastic so you need some amount of clearance in order to be able to "slide" the sleeve around.   When the pipe is hot (which can be from black body temps caused by the sun), if the sleeve gets stuck somewhere; it probably isn't moving (even uninstalled!)

TPS 2375 is supplied at: 3.20" and will shrink down to:  2.25"
TPS 2875 is supplied at: 3.95" and will shrink down to:  2.73"
TPS 3500 is supplied at: 4.85" and will shrink down to:  3.31"
TPS 4500 is supplied at: 6.01" and will shrink down to:  4.05"
TPS 6625 is supplied at: 7.66" and will shrink down to:  5.96"
TPS 8625 is supplied at: 10.03" and will shrink down to:  7.77"

For more questions, call me or email me!   936/321-3333

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