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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Shrink Sleeves with Hot Air Gun?

 Can I Shrink Heat Shrink Sleeves with a 

Hot Air Gun?

     Here at JSI, we handle a lot of different coating and sealing options.  Everything from shrink sleeves for a 100" OD pipe; down to heat shrink tubing for an 1/8" cable --- and everything in between.  In some cases, a product like WCSM or TWDB is going to be installed indoors some significant portion of the time.  In those cases, an open flame is sometimes disallowed --- so the only option is to use an industrial hot air gun.

     Some hot air guns can reach VERY high temperatures.  In some cases even 1400 F.  That is certainly sufficient for shrinking a sleeve (though very often, quite a lot slower than an open flame propane torch would be).  As long as the installer is aware that the sleeves are not going to respond as "quickly" to a hot air gun as they would with a torch -- you should be good to go.

     Keep in mind, preheat temperatures are still critically important!  So please consider that if you find yourself in a position to decide if your installers can reasonably use a hot air gun or not!

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