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Monday, April 29, 2024

FS/FPK Flange Protection Kit

 Flange Seal / Flange Protection Kit / Re-Enterable Flange Coating

corroded flange
You don't want your flange to look like this!
     Like all things that are going to be buried underground, flanges need some type of corrosion protection solution or they will end up rusted and leaking.  Flanges offer different challenges than straight line pipe would, in terms of applying a coating system that will be functional for years to come, protects the bolts, protects the gaskets and offers a corrosion prevention solution to the adjacent pipe as well.

     That is where our Covalence Flangeseal comes in (similar to the Canusa FPK Flange Protection Kit).  The Covalence FS is a high expansion, fiber reinforced shrink sleeve that is made in a way that allows it to wrap around a Flange while still shrinking down to the pipe surface.  The FS is made to shrink ~66% which allows it to be used on many, many different flange/pipe OD dimensions.

     It utilizes a highly aggressive butyl mastic as the sealant that prevent oxygen or whatever from reaching any steel on your flange (or the gasket).  In addition, it does this in a way that can prevent your gasket and bolts from getting all gummed up - meaning the flange CAN BE re-enterable at a point in the future (if that is something of value to you).  

     With a very quick installation, stop wasting money on costly solutions that are labor intensive.  Flangeseal can be installed in minutes with nothing more than a propane torch (and regulator). 

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