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Monday, April 29, 2013

Covalence: Seal for Life

     In June of last year, Berry CPG merged with Dutch company Stopaq.  This new super power in the coatings industry is in the process of rebranding themselves "Seal for Life."  Seal for Life now offers the broadest product line-up in the industry including the premier manufacturers of a collection of pipeline coating technologies.  Seal for Life is now capable of engineering solutions for end users using any combination of heat shrinkable sleeves; cold applied tapes; liquid epoxies; flexible anodes and viscoelastic materials.

    Showing off just one of the new logos here; see the newest Covalence Seal for Life logo (Covalence was formerly known as Raychem).

     We at JSI Coatings welcome this new partnership!  We see great things in the future for these products and look forward to working with our new Dutch brothers and sisters!

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