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Friday, April 26, 2013

JSI Coatings - Master Distributor for Covalence / Seal for Life Products


     Joint Specialists was established in 1995 by Stan Simpson and Sam Damico.  They had been working directly for Raychem Corp for ~20 years by that point in R&D, technical support, field service and sales.   Their unique expertise translated easily into distribution and JSI was born.  Even today, many years later, JSI still prides itself upon its technical knowledge and ability to engineer solutions for nearly any customer need.

Covalence Raychem Shrink Sleeves

     We also recognize the need for fast turnarounds on orders within the oil, gas and water pipeline industries.  We keep our 20,000 square feet warehouse full of the most commonly sold pipeline coatings.  90% of orders placed with us ship same day (most of the rest ship next day).  Whether your pipeline is ambient temperature or elevated temperature; whether you require a 3 layer or a 2 layer coating solution; whether your application is subsea, involved in a road bore or simple to seal up a casing; you can count on the fact that we've got you covered.

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