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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fantastic Pipeline Coating Inspection Tool

Seven Fantastic Features of the WPCT product

(This is part 1 of 7 in our Product Spotlight on Covalence WPCT; 
Wrap Around Pipe Coating with Thermal Indicator)

          Covalence WPCT (formerly Raychem) is the only product on the market with a permanent change indicator.  This means that the backing is supplied with a cross-hatched pattern and as the product is properly shrunk, that cross hatch pattern fades into a smooth backing. 

Pipeline Coating Inspection Tool
On the left the backing is still in its "as supplied" state.  On the right, the sleeve has been properly shrunk.
          This change is permanent which offers tremendous benefit in the field.  This allows a field joint to be inspected minutes after installation; hours after installation; days after installation or even weeks, months or years after installation.  If an area of the heat shrink sleeve has not been properly heated; it will be obvious to the hands and the eyes of the installer; the inspector and anyone else who might happen by.  

     This is just one of the features that makes WPCT the product of choice for many engineers and end users.  Stay tuned for part two of this series!

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