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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pipeline Coating Repairs Itself

Seven Fantastic Features of the WPCT product
(This is part 2 of 7 in our Product Spotlight on Covalence WPCT; 
Wrap Around Pipe Coating with Thermal Indicator)

      WPCT is a product that just happens to be self-healing.  This phenomenon exists in other technologies as well; most notably the Stopaq viscoelastic material.   In the example below, I've made a small hole in the shrink sleeve backing which reaches all the way to the bare steel beneath.

Shrink Sleeve Fails Holiday Test
Small hole, to the steel made with a screwdriver.

After a few hours, I took another picture of the sleeve:
Sleeve Heals Itself
Self Healing
     As can be seen, mastic flow has occurred to fill in the hole.  Bare steel is no longer exposed.  There is no longer a pathway for water or oxygen to reach the bare steel.  The steel is once again protected; due to the self healing nature of the WPCT.

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