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Monday, May 6, 2013

WPCT Features

In case you missed it, we recently completed a seven part series to analyze the seven most notable benefits of our WPCT product.  Here are the links to those posts:

WPCT Data Sheet.  To see the entire sheet, visit our website at or call us at 936/321-3333

  1. Permanent Change Indicator - WPCT is the only sleeve on the market whose backing permanently changes as it is properly installed.  This allows for easy inspection at time of installation or even years later. 
  2. Self Healing - WPCT is self healing which means during the course of operation, it will automatically heal any minor damage that it might have received. 
  3. Simple Installation - WPCT requires no special training or special equipment.  The install process is easy and repeatable.  
  4. /UNI Sleeve - While many sleeves are sold with the sleeve material and closure material shipped separately, WPCT typically is not.  This makes the contractors happy. 
  5. Long, Successful Use History - WPCT has been used successfully for many years.  You can be confident you are getting a reliable coating that will properly prevent corrosion for the life of your pipeline.
  6. Sand Blasting Not Required - WPCT can be installed over a wire brushed pipe surface.
  7. No Primer Required - WPCT requires no primers or epoxies.  

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