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Monday, May 6, 2013

Standard Shrink Sleeve Widths

Q:  What are standard shrink sleeve widths?

A:  This varies by product type.  Keep in mind that determining the minimum required product width (as seen here) is the first order of business.  After that, generally the nearest larger standard product width is the most likely candidate.

Wrap Around Sleeves:  WPCT, WPC100M, HTLP60, HTLP80, WPC65M, WPC120, PPS120, HTLP-PP (and others) generally all offer standard widths of 11.25", 17.75", 23.5" and 34.25" (with 11" and 17" being the most common).

Tubular Pipe Sleeves: TPS is generally available in a 9" width or an 18" width (with 18" being the most common)

Road Bore and Directional Drilling:  DIRAX is available in a 12", 17", 23.5" or 34" width (with 12" and 17" being the most common).

In addition, at JSI we are able to offer custom product widths for no extra charge (though the customer will still end up paying for any unusable material that is wasted).  In the offshore world, it is fairly common that a specification requires a 28" wide sleeve or a 30" wide sleeve.  We can offer that service without any significant delivery delay and without addition cost.   We are not just a distributor; we are a company focused on customer service and engineering solutions for your specific needs.

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