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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIRAX Installation Video

     DIRAX is the toughest shrink sleeve on the market.  With a successful history of use on pipelines with outside diameters between 2" and 48", this product is unmatched in the industry.  Effectively a five layer sleeve system (two layers of PE surrounding a layer of fiber mesh installed on a high shear adhesive, installed over a two part liquid epoxy).  On the leading edge of this sleeve - it is a ten layer system!

   The installation steps (as shown in the video above) are simple:

1. Clean the pipe
2. Preheat the pipe to a temperature between 140F and 200F
3. Mix and apply the S1301M liquid epoxy in a very thin quote
4. Wrap DIRAX sleeve and secure closure
5. Shrink sleeve always moving torch circumferentially
6. Wrap 3" wide leader strip and secure closure
7. Shrink leader strip
8. Roll overlap areas with a silicone roller
9. Be sure sleeve conforms to pipe surface; adhesive flow is evident at all sleeve edges; and there are no cold spots in the sleeve.

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