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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shrink Sleeve Installation Tools

Shrink Sleeve Installation Tools

Question:  What tools are required for Covalence heat shrink sleeve installation?

Answer:  Ignoring the need to clean the pipe, Covalence heat shrink sleeves do not require
any special tools during installation.  Here is what is needed:

- A means of measuring preheat temperature.  This could range from something as 
sophisticated as a pyrometer with roller probe; to something
as simple as a temp stick.  
Means of measuring pipe temperature
An example of temp sticks for different temperatures
 - A broad flamed torch (Covalence shrink sleeves cannot be shrunk
using an acetylene torch or a welding torch).  Our torches are sold as a kit
which includes a torch with a pilot lights; a regulator with a pressure guage
and a thirty foot long hose. 
JS-2601 Torch Kit
A JS-2601 Torch Kit - available at JSI
- A long handled silicone roller.  This is used after installation to roll the overlap area
and can be used in the event that any air has become trapped (which could be
caused by poor application).  
long handled silicone roller
A long handled roller; used during heat shrink sleeve installation
(Keep in mind that the contractor or end user will need to supply their own propane tanks for installation) 

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