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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pipeline News Round Up 6/29/13

Pipeline News Round Up 6/29/13
News of the Week

- Pipeline Corrosion problems caused by bad CP design.  Not enough coverage.  Not enough test stations.  Not enough contact with pipe.  No mention of where the coating failure was, but they do mention that 5 “dents” were found which would certainly lead me to believe there was some kind of major trauma inflicted here (during construction, from nearby construction after the line was in service, or something like that).  (read more here)
- Enbridge pipeline shutdowns cost the company $952,000.00 per day!   
This does not include potential lawsuits – or clean up costs.
(read more here)

- Trading error leads to Interpipe shares dropping 35% within minutes. 
(read more here

- Report released that knocks down some of the Keystone Pipeline opponents arguments?
(read more here)

- PG&E uses cutting edge inspection pig to improve pipeline safety.
(read more here)

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