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Monday, July 1, 2013

Flexclad: Heat Shrinkable Tape

 Flexclad:  Heat Shrink Tape

Heat Shrink Tape
Flexclad 100-15000/165 - a 4" x 50 ft roll of heat shrink tape

Flexclad heat shrinkable tape is used to coat small diameter pipe (less than 2"), bends, 
some fittings and occasionally, girth welds.  It offers all of the convenience of a cold applied
tape, with the technical superiority of a heat shrinkable sleeve.

Flexclad is available in rolls that are 50 feet long and in standard widths of 4", 3" and 2".

The Flexclad is shrunk around an already cleaned (and preheated) substrate.  The shrink tape
is then shrunk using a propane torch, forming what essentially becomes a continuous coating.  

We recommend that:
 2" Flexclad be used for pipe sizes under 8"
3" Flexclad be used for 8" and 10" pipe
4" Flexclad be used for pipe sizes 12" and larger

The truth is that any width Flexclad can be used with any substrate diameter.  They would all work 
fine, but the tape might not be used as 'efficiently' as it could be.  What I mean
by this is that using a 4" wide Flexclad on a 2" pipe will almost certainly result in 
a greater than necessary overlap (which means some material is "wasted").  
At the same time, using a 2" Flexclad on a 20" pipe would waste a LOT of material
as you'd get such a little amount of coverage per lap.

In any case , it is a great product with a long successful use history.

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