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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Covalence Product Line Summaries

     Covalence (formerly Raychem) manufactures an entire line of products designed to be used with many, many different pipeline parameters and conditions.  Below is just a short list of some of the products available:

Wrap Around Pipe Coating with Thermal Indicator 
 This is our most commonly sold standard wrap around sleeve rated for use on ambient temperature lines (104F).  It has been used extensively onshore and offshore for many years. 

Tubular Pipe Sleeve
This is essentially WPCT supplied in a tubular form.  Available for pipe sizes:
2.375", 2.875", 3.5", 4.5", 6.625", 8.625"

A sleeve system designed for Directional Drilling and Road Bore applications.  The toughest sleeve ever made with a fiber sheet woven into the backing.  This sleeve utilizes Raychem’s S1301M epoxy primer.

Wrap around sleeve for use on lines operating at up to 80C (176F) onshore and 
up to 100C (212F) offshore

Our highest temperature rated sleeve, approved for use on pipelines operaing at 120C (251F)

A three layer sleeve system rated for use on lines operating at up to 60C (140F)
High expansion (meaning it shrinks a lot) fiber reinforced sleeve for sealing between 
a casing pipe and a carrier pipe.  This product shrinks ~66%

High expansion, fiber reinforced sleeve for encapsulating a flange 
(with FS installed; the flange is still re-enterable)

A high expansion tube used for upset tubing

A heat shrinkable spiral wrapped tape

S-1301M Epoxy 
Used in conjunction with DIRAX, HTLP60, HTLP80 and other product.
This is not designed to be a stand alone liquid epoxy coating.

Perp / Perp Melt Stick 
Used to repair damage to PE coatings

Heat shrink tape specifically for sealing duct

 A three layer PE sleeve system using S1301M Epoxy as the first layer.  
 Rated to 80C (176F)

 A product designed specifically for Polypropylene (PP) coated pipe.  Installation does require an induction coil. Rated to 120C (251F).  The backing of this product does contain PP. 
Utilizes the WPC120 sleeve and separate mastic rolls to coat PP coated lines operating at 120C (251F)

Rated to 65C (155F)

A factory applied line coating

A wrap around product designed specifically for large OD water pipe.

A mastic sleeve specifically designed to be used with hot mastic pours and other infill systems.

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